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Drone Data Collection Services

Take Your Data Collection to new heights

UAV building inspections are becoming a common occurrence as facility managers look to new technologies to improve their data accuracy, reduce costs and alleviate elements of risk.

Go beyond traditional imagery with these robust feature sets that transform the way building envelopes are managed. 


Visual Sensors

Exceeding the image quality of traditional inspection methods, an RGB camera allows facility managers to quickly calculate square footages of buildings and grounds.


Thermal Sensors

Using thermal detection, drone operators quickly identify anomalies beneath the surface such as water intrusion, gas build-ups and air barrier gaps.


LiDAR Sensors

Capturing high resolution digital surfaces, terrain and elevation models at record speeds, LiDar gives facility managers a tool to detect year-over-year changes to topography. 


Simplify your inspection process today with powerful insights and actionable decisions that decrease facility management expenses and increase operational efficiencies.

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